Easy access shower for Mrs. Grey in Broadstairs

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After visiting Mrs Grey in Broadstairs, it was clear she wanted to have a new shower instead of her large bath.

After giving her a few ideas, she was pleasantly surprised that she could have a good sized walk-in shower.

Mrs. Grey decided to go for this option and also to have the shower walls fitted with some of our wall panels to complement her existing wall tiles. She also had the option of changing her existing toilet to a comfort height toilet, which she decided to do, making using the toilet just that bit more comfortable.

On this particular occasion, Mrs. Grey went away for a week, leaving us a key to get on with the work. When she returned she was very happy to see her new bathroom was finished and ready to use.

I was very happy to leave Frank and his team a key to get on with my bathroom refurbishment and was extremely pleased to return and find everything was completed as we discussed and my was house was left very clean and tidy.

Mrs. Grey

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