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Bluebay Bathrooms - walk in shower in full tiled bathroom

Beautiful accessible walk in showers supplied and installed in Thanet

Getting in and out of the bath just to have a shower is becoming more painful and the risk of falling makes your morning routine stressful.

You want to replace the bath with an accessible shower but the idea of replacing your entire bathroom and the disruption to your life puts you off.

Well…you don’t have to put up with the pain or replace your entire bathroom!

Our partial refit plans are geared up to transform your old painful bath into a beautiful new easy access shower with low entry threshold, no door, and without having to redo your bathroom.

The 2 day accessible shower partial re-fit plan

Get in and out of the shower safely and pain-free

No need to change the whole bathroom

Stay independent with no need for assistance

Helping proud home owners get a high-quality easy access walk in shower in 2 days so they can bathe in comfort and safety without replacing the whole bathroom.

Bluebay Bathrooms - Acceissible shower with shower seat full tiled bathroom

1. Accessible plan

Make sure your new shower meets your needs and matches your existing bathroom.

  • Shower needs consultation
  • Measure for accessible shower dimensions
  • Shower choice & options

2. Perfect preparation

Prep the area to give you the best possible finish and ensure its water tight.

  • Bath removal
  • Pipework alterations
  • Wall preparation
Bluebay Bathrooms - Accessible shower with shower seat white marble effect tiled bathroom
Bluebay Bathrooms - Accessible shower in grey tiled bathroom

3. High-quality installation

You will end up with a beautiful walk in shower with the highest quality installation.

  • Install non-slip mobility shower tray
  • Wall panel fitting
  • Walk in shower and seats installation

The proof is in the pudding...

Thank you Frank, we are loving our new shower. It’s making such a difference for Gary.


Beautiful easy access showers

Why choose an accessible walk in shower?

Doorless walk in access

No moving parts

Beautiful finish

Mobility shower tray with non-slip

Wall panels - no matching tiles

Low-level threshold

High quality installation

Discreet easy access shower options: Hand rails, folding shower seat, comfort toilet

Upgrade to a comfort height toilet

While we are fitting your new shower we can also install a comfort height toilet to help make your life even easier.

Need help with your shower?

Do you want Bluebay to transform your bath into a beautiful easy access shower in just a couple of days? Book your free shower consultation.

Accessible shower consultation

Send your details to Tanya who will call you back within a few hours to ask you a couple of questions and book a visit from Frank, our shower expert.

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Insured and guaranteed work

All of Bluebay’s Installations are fully insured and come with a 2 year guarantee and 5 year warranty on most of the quality products we use.

  • 2 years’ installation guarantee
  • 5 year parts warranty
  • Small deposit required
  • Fully insured works

Frequently asked questions

Yes, we can remove just the bath and install an easy access shower in its place.

You can usually have an accessible shower installed in place of the bath in 2-3 days.

Yes, we will always install anti-slip mobility shower trays unless we are asked not to.

Yes, we can install a walk in shower with seats and as many grab rails as you need.

We will do our best to limit the disruption as much as possible and always leave your property clean and tidy.

We have a choice of colours in our popular shower wall panel range. We are also happy to use tiles if you prefer.

Shower wall panels are easy to clean and have no grout to discolour. They can complement the rest of your bathroom nicely.

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