Easy Access Bathrooms

Our easy access bathrooms in Thanet, give you back your freedom

Experience the Pleasure of Bathing again

​If bathing is becoming difficult, we have the perfect solution. As we get older, or if we experience disability, we can sometimes find it difficult to enjoy bathing without feeling anxious about safety. ​Our easy access, secure and attractive bathrooms and shower rooms are the answer if you are finding it increasingly harder to use a conventional bathroom. We have seen an increasing interest in accessible bathing and demand from our customers so we have developed our expertise to create the right solution for you.  


The Joy of Accessibility

Accessible bathrooms and showers have a selection of built-in safety features.

These include:

  • No step from shower to bathroom floor
  • Non-slip flooring
  • The option to sit or stand – whichever you find more comfortable
  • Side access baths which are easy to enter and exit 
  • Secure handrails 

If you have specific needs we can work with you on a design to manage your requirements and provide you with the comfort and safety of secure bathing.


Is an easy access bathroom very expensive?

​All of our work is bespoke and planned around your needs and budget. The cost of converting your bathroom to make it accessible for long term use will pay dividends. If you are concerned about costs – talk to us and we will advise what can be done for your specific budget. You may also find that there is funding available from your local council, to help support you to remain in your own home.

Request a Free Quote

If you want to experience the comfort and pleasure of independent bathing in your own home, get in touch with us today - we will be happy to provide you with free advice and a no-obligation quote.


Areas we cover for our easy access bathrooms are:

Thanet | Margate | Ramsgate | Broadstairs | Birchington | Herne Bay | Whitstable | Sandwich | Deal | Dover | Folkestone